Support for Friends & Family

Support for Friends & Family

No one should be impacted by ovarian cancer alone. SROCF strives to eliminate that possibility through the With a Little Help From Her Friends support program.

There is nothing quite like talking to someone who has been through a similar situation.  Share information, ask questions and gain support and inspiration by talking to others with similar experiences through our Caregiver Network. Communicate one-on-one with another caregiver by phone or email and receive an invaluable source of encouragement and support.

As a Caregiver, you may be the one navigating treatment options.

Clinical Trials: A Start is a resource designed just to demystify the complex topic of clinical trials and help patients and caregivers better understand this potential treatment option.

For a free hard copy to be sent to you, email You can also download the free PDF copy of Clinical Trials: A Start.