Sweaty And/Or Sweet-less September

Sweaty And/Or Sweet-less September

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You can help make a difference and go sweaty and/or sweet-less  and support SROCF. The funds you raise as part of your Sweaty And/Or Sweet-less September will help support our programs.

Sweaty And/Or Sweet-less September is a fundraiser that encourages you to either go sweet-free, get sweaty or do both in September to raise funds for people affected by ovarian cancer. 

You don't have to give up all of your sweet treats. If you want to have one, simply "buy a sweet treat" by making a donation, and you can even feel good about it! Or ask a friend to sponsor your "cheat treat". The "Sweaty" part also encourages you to do something to move your body for 30 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be heavy exercise. If you want a day off, take one but don't forget to make your donation or have a friend sponsor you! You can choose to do one or if you're up to it, choose to do BOTH. 

You can register for FREE to participate as an individual or create a team and do the challenge with family & friends for even more fun!

The person who raises the most $ (eats the most treats or takes the most days off) and the person who makes it through the month without treats and exercises daily will win special prizes.